Visit Sweden

Increase the number of visitors to Sweden.

Swedish Design Moves is a program led by Visit Sweden that aims at increasing the international awareness of Swedish design, including the branches of architecture, fashion and furniture. The overall goal is to increase the number of visitors to Sweden interested in design as well as exports of Swedish design.

Kodex designed a cohesive logotype for the program, for use in projects that are part of Swedish Design Moves. The logo is versatile and can be used »psysically« by being applied in any direction, up, down, left or right, pointing at pictures, headlines, objects or applied on folders, bags, stickers etc.

Workgroup: Michael Persson Gripkow, Chief Brand and Communications Officer (Visit Sweden), Ewa Kumlin, Managing Director (Svensk form), Johan Cavallini, Project Manager (Visit Sweden Italy), Anna Blomdahl, International Projects (Svensk form), Friends & Co London (PR) and Jörgen Nordqvist, Design Director (Kodex).
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