Fall 2018

A—Å. Size. Paper. Finish. By Nørhaven.

Kodex conceptualized, named and design these promotional and educational standard example books for danish printer Nørhaven.
More to come.

Fall 2018

New work for publishing house Arena.

Kodex have been working with publishing house Arena for many years designing books. Now was the time to take on the whole identity.
More to come.

Fall 2018

Elevator graphics.

First elevator design out of the Kodex studio with strong graphics in black and white with colored flooring. Not what you ordinary see on your way to work.

Summer 2018

EuroPride 2018 + Silent Disco VR.

During EuroPride 2018 Kodex teamed up with Brewhouse, OutHere, a VR/AR agency, together with musician Tentakel to make an experience focusing on music, design and technology. The Silent Disco VR experience was located in the EuroPridePark in Gothenburg with all the necessary lightings, decorations and graphics. 

Work Group: Lisa Kylsberg, Creative and Project Manager, Jörgen Nordqvist, Creative and Design Director, Tentakel, musician and OutHere, VR/AR agency.

fall 2017

Couloir goes qouloir.

New work for IT consultancy firm qouloir. The italic “l” is an abstraction of an couloir*. And yes, it is also a slash for the IT part of the firm.
qouloir is part of Qgroup.

*A couloir is a vertical scar in a solid mountain mass. Popular for climbing.

Spring 2017

Swedish design moves to Italy.

For the four year program Swedish design moves, Kodex designed a cohesive logotype for Swedish design as well as fashion, architecture and furniture. The identity was introduced in april during Salone del mobile in Milan, Italy. Swedish design moves is led by Visit Sweden and is part of a Swedish governmental initiative. Next stop is the Paris Fashion Week in september.  See more.

Spring 2017

Same work. Different name.

As of april 2017 Studio Jörgen Nordqvist transforms to Kodex.
Kodex as in a »book« and kodex as in a »set of guidelines«, both with parallels to what the studio does: Designing identities and books.
Read more about Kodex.

Winter 2017

Past, Present, Future.

Kodex have been selected to take part in the exhibition and auction Young Swedish Design – Past, Present, Future at Stockholm Auktionsverk. Work included in the exhibition is the Skull, Lipstick and Flash posters for Brewhouse and The Alphabet Poster.

Winter 2016

New logo for Snickeri Ett.

New logo for Snickeri Ett (Woodshop One) in Stockholm.

Fall/Winter 2016

Brewhouse and beyond.

New assignment for Brewhouse to develop a new visual strategy and communication plan for 2017 and beyond.

Summer/fall 2016

New logo for S:t Eriks Port.

Door company S:t Eriks Port gets a new logotype.

Summer/fall 2016

New logo for HissPartner.

Two Stockholm elevator companies merge into one: HissPartner. Kodex designed a new logo and is working on other communication for HissPartner.

Summer 2016

New Identity for Brewhouse.

What was at the start of creating a identity for The Brewhouse Award in 2015, transformed this year into a complete identity assignment for Brewhouse. See more.

Spring 2016

Campaign for danish printer Nørhaven.

Kodex has created a campaign for Nørhaven that will run throughtout 2016. See more.

Spring 2016

New juror commitments.

Jörgen Nordqvist leaves, after three years, the jury for The Swedish Book Art Award and are now joining The Publishing Prize. See more.

Spring 2016

The Power of Food.

Kodex designed the book The Power of Food by Britt-Marie Mattsson and Leif Mannerström for Bokbolaget (end client Norstedts).