Identity made out of bottle caps.

Brewhouse is a former factory for carbonated water, now a hub for studios, pop-up offices, venues, conference facilities, laboratory networks and incubator within the cultural and creative sector. Brewhouse also produce events between business and creatives such as The Brewhouse Award.

Kodex created a identity out of the bottle cap.  The cap logotype is a distinctive mark for the old as well as the new unexpected. A form that also can, if used in hundreds, create specific images.

Workgroup: Anna Svensdotter Dimle, Artistic Director (Brewhouse), Christina Nilroth, New Business (Brewhouse), Pia Dybeck (Brewhouse), Susanne Wigholm (Brewhouse), Gary Landström (Brewhouse) and Jörgen Nordqvist, Design Director (Kodex).
Idea, words, design and production by